SmartGen™ is a combination of academically-based diagnostic tools that were developed utilizing the expertise of faculty at world-leading academic institutions such as Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Baylor College of Medicine and Yale Medical School. Precipio’s SmartGen™ offers the most robust and advanced suite of diagnostic tools available.

The benefits of SmartGen™ are:

Academic Access

Cutting edge expertise developed in leading academic institutions translated into the latest technologies

Rapidly Evolving

Constantly updated panels, matching the speed of discovery of genes and matching therapies

72 Hour Turnaround*

Benefit from access to multiple panels using the same specimen, to ensure best results

The challenges surrounding the diagnosis & prognosis of cancer, and the subsequent decisions on selecting the therapeutic path, are becoming increasingly complex. One thing is clear – the treatment of cancer is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather the selection of therapy pathways carefully tailored to the patient’s unique situation. The field of advanced molecular testing, and the advent of next-generation-sequencing, brings with it increasingly complex diagnostic alternatives. These rapidly developing diagnostic tools evaluate dozens-to-hundreds of genes, across various technology platforms, using a variety of amplification, enrichment, analysis and bioinformatics tools to arrive at the results. Similarly, there is no single test that is suitable for all cancer patients.

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