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Genetic Research

Proprietary Technologies

Precipio has developed several cutting-edge technologies to provide unparalleled diagnostic accuracy. These technologies help address issues from low cellularity, false negatives in cytogenetics, and slow TAT’s for molecular testing.

HemeScreen, and IV-Cell were developed in our lab to solve common industry challenges through simplified workflows, resulting in faster turnaround times in molecular and cytogenetic testing.
Rev-CI was developed to address the complications of other commercial cell enrichment technologies that can hinder diagnostic accuracy. The Rev-CI proprietary procedure selectively enriches samples for cells of interest enabling conclusive FISH results for up to 98% of samples. This allows sub-classification of B-Cell lymphomas and definitive prognosis of Multiple Myelomas.

Only Precipio offers these solutions.

HemeScreen Panel Overview

Precipio has developed a Research Use Only (RUO) proprietary hematologic malignancy screening panel. The screening panel currently includes JAK2 (V617F), JAK2 Exon 12 & 13, MPL & CALR. The panel utilizes a rapid and cost-effective mutation screening technology called High Resolution Melt analysis (HRM).