Covid-19 IgM & IgG Serology Antibody Test


  • TAT Icon 24-48 hrs Turnaround Time
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The purpose of COVID-19 IgM & IgG serology antibody testing is to determine whether a patient has been been exposed to COVID-19 and has potentially developed immunity. Patients with COVID-19 specific antibodies can test positive for IgM, IgG, or both.

Test Performance

There are two key metrics that are often used to assess the quality and accuracy of an assay: sensitivity and specificity.

Metric IgG Results* IgM Results* Definition
(Positive Percent Agreement)
100%** 100%** Measures ability to correctly identify positive samples as positive.
(Negative Percent Agreement)
99.7-100% 97.6-100% Measures ability to correctly identify all negative results.

IgM & IgG Antibody Development

  • IgM antibodies are the first to develop and may indicate an early immune response and that patient was recently infected.
  • IgG follows and can be detected as early as 6 days following disease onset. The presence of IgG may point to a potentially longer term immune response.

Ordering Information

Customers may order COVID-19 antibody testing alongside their patients’ clinical workups or as a separate order.
Specimen Type Requirements Transport Conditions
Peripheral Blood - 3ml Green Top Tube
- Patient Requisition Form
- Up to 20 samples may be shipped together.

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