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Research continues to make great strides in advancing the battle against cancer. Yet as science evolves, so do the diseases that physicians need to deal with. Discoveries lead to new diagnostics, new therapies, and new ways to treat patients through the understanding of the nature of cancer.


The engine driving discovery is research. And at Precipio, we believe that as a diagnostic lab, we play an important role in helping facilitate this process, and provide researchers with the tools and resources that can assist them in seeking their next discoveries. The faculty at Yale constantly seeks patient specimens that can contribute to studies and research which may ultimately lead to new discovery. Therefore, with the patient's consent, scientists at Yale may use patient specimens* diagnosed at Precipio, as part of their research. By doing so, the patient is not only undergoing their own current, personal battle with cancer; but rather, they are participating and contributing to the advancement of research. With their participation, they become a contributing part of the effort to further the understanding of these diseases, and to the discovery of future treatments.


We’re also partnering with faculty at Yale to translate their research into a clinical environment. By doing so we’re taking novel technologies and making them available for use by clinicians worldwide, further enabling them to provide the best care for their patients.


*all personal information removed according to HIPAA laws


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