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Democratizing Diagnostics

Connecting Physicians and their patients with the

highest level of diagnostic expertise to battle cancer.

Connecting physicians and their patients with the

highest level of diagnostic expertise to battle cancer.

Democratizing Diagnostics


Delivering a correct diagnosis requires increased skill, expertise, and specialization.

The economic forces within the world of diagnostics continue to drive the market towards generalization, and away from specialization. This results in the alarmingly growing, and largely ignored problem of misdiagnosis.



The consequences of misdiagnosis

Patient suffering & death

Absent proper diagnostic support, physicians are handicapped in delivering the best care to their patients.

Significant downstream healthcare dollars wasted (estimated at $10-15B annually in the US).

In order to avoid these consequences, physicians need access to expertise from specialists,

rather than generalists.

We have the expertise

We’ve harnessed the best resources within leading academic institutions, and we deliver them

to support community clinicians.

We give physicians access to the expertise they require, to support the care for their patients.

We engage patients in the process and enable them to influence their healthcare decisions.

We translate the expertise, and technology developed at academic institutions to benefit those outside its walls.

With the combination of academic expertise, and the translation of this expertise to the community setting, Precipio has demonstrated a significantly superior level of diagnostic accuracy.


In the past four years, we’ve diagnosed over 3,000 cases sent to us by community oncologists from around the world, and we've demonstrated an >99% level of diagnostic accuracy.





Correct Diagnosis ~80%

Correct Diagnosis >99%

Misdiagnosis ~20%

Misdiagnosis <1%

* Based on several industry studies including the 2015 Report by the Institute of Health; and the 2012 Study by the National Coalition of Health Care.

** Based on an initial data set of over 100 clinical cases diagnosed at Precipio, with a 2nd opinion then conducted at an outside institution.

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